Innovative Software Solutions

You need to share information quickly and easily, throughout the business - but you also need to keep confidential documents secure. We provide a range of document management solutions to meet your needs - including scanning and digital archiving. Whether for a workgroup or at an enterprise level, we can help make your document management more efficient.


Meaningful reporting is crucial to every business - that's why we offer device management solutions, so you can easily manage and monitor your fleet.

We also have print management solutions to make your printing workflows more efficient. With Camnet's software, you can send documents to the most suitable print device, as well as track every print job and allocate costs to different jobs, projects or users.

Need a tailored solution? Your Camnet representative will work with our Business Solutions Group - a dedicated software development centre - to develop and customise a software solution that integrates into your existing systems. Because we believe in a better way.


Business Solutions

Enhance your business with solutions that trim costs, save time, and reduce errors in your document processes

Need easy to use, custom colour touch screen interfaces that digitise routine business critical document workflows in your Human Resource, Finance, and Legal departments?
Exploring immediate low-cost methods of capturing and storing business critical documents without breaking the bank?
Want to enable your staff to print anywhere?
Get all of this plus your basic print, copy, scan, and fax requirements.

Document Management, Workflow and Enterprise Printing

Back office operations are the backbone of business. They're the engines that support how business gets done. Keeping all of the processes your business relies on running smoothly is no easy task.
Of all the many things that can drain efficiency from your back office, paperwork tops the list. Operations such as accounts payable, human resources and expense management ―even the basic office tasks of printing and scanning― can be quickly buried under the flood of paper.
A Camnet back office developed solution energises daily routines. They help you get more done in less time with fewer resources. Benefits materialise quickly as documents and business content are automatically directed to the right place at the right time; you control how, when and where you print; and your workflow actually begins to flow again.


Back Office Solutions

Invoice Processing

Improve cash flow through accounts payable automation. Easily scan and index invoices into a workflow for approval, processing and syncing with your ERP and accounting software.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Reduce paperwork by electronically capturing interview notes, offer letters, ID cards, benefits forms and other hiring documents, and make them instantly available within your HR software.

Expense Processing

Digitally capture travel and other expense receipts, automatically bind them to matching reports in your financial software, and collect extra information to improve accuracy.

Print Release

Create a confidential printing and imaging environment while delivering the convenience of pull printing. Built-in document accounting lets you monitor activity by device and user for each location.

Print Management and Output Tracking Software

Print Anywhere, Print Less

Your organisation is in a real battle to deliver more: More cost savings: More agility: More business results. Does your strategy include optimising your printing environment? Camnet can deliver a document output management solution that can accelerate your results, enabling "print anywhere" convenience and mobility without sacrificing security, and better visibility and cost control without stifling productivity. With the Print Release and Document Accounting solutions, you can create a secure, shared output environment while gaining true visibility into how your organisation captures, manages and accesses information.

Print Release

With this pull-printing solution users print to the "cloud," or a single network print queue, and go to any Print Release enabled printer or MFP to "release" or print their documents. The solution allows users to send print jobs to the queue from a computer, tablet, or smartphone, or by uploading documents to the queue through a web portal.

Document Accounting

Document Accounting is ideal for implementing with Print Release. This powerful tracking and reporting software monitors all output activity on your output devices by individual users or user groups. Your organisation now has the high-quality data it needs to modify printing habits, better manage assets, and reduce print costs and waste.


  • Reduces printing costs and shrinks carbon footprint
  • Strengthens access controls, security and compliance
  • Gives users the power to print from mobile devices
  • Tracks activity and increases user accountability
  • Provides ability to implement user quotas
  • Adds redundancy, ensuring printer availability
  • Introduces new functionality, seamlessly and cost effectively