New Life

Camnet Certified Refurbished Copiers/Printers

We breathe New Life into our digital copier/printers and the environment


Make a positive contribution to the planet and your business with a refurbished copier/printer from Camnet. Your environmental impact is reduced – along with your outlay.

New Life, the Camnet Certified Refurbished Copiers/Printers,are a win-win all round.

Key Features of New Life

  • Reduce your impact on the environment
  • Save up to 70% on equivalent new price
  • Ricoh-certified trained technicians
  • 30-point inspection program
  • All moving parts replaced
  • Detailed to excellent condition
  • Superior warranty when compared to new models with extensive 5-year performance guarantee
  • Choose from a huge variety of refurbished models
  • Eliminate the immediate depreciation effect often associated with new purchases
  • Delivered with the proven experience of Camnet’s Managing Director who has been dealing with Ricoh manufactured machines since 1978

Why New Life

Digital copier/printers have been available now forover 20 years. This proven technology is in every refurbished model from Camnet ensuring excellent output and seamless integration with current office network environments.

Digital B&W and colour printing is yours while saving money, helping the environment, and enjoying the peace of mind that comes with a 5 year performance guarantee.

What’s involved in New Life?

All refurbished copier/printers processed through New Life are fully restored to meet the highest international standards. The process is rigorous to ensure your complete delight and is supported by the superior 5 year performance guarantee.

Support the environment

Camnet is exclusively dedicated to the supply and service of new and refurbished Ricoh machines. We are proud to refurbish this quality product and deliver real environmental value alongside the savings to your organisation. By breathing new life into existing copier/printers, we’re all helping your business breathe new life into our world by:

  • Reducing wasteful manufacturing
  • Reducing ‘travel miles’ in the supply of your business equipment
  • Reducing the ‘production footprint’ of your assets.

5 Year Performance Guarantee

The Camnet New Life 5 Year Performance Guarantee provides you with the peace of mind that should any refurbished machine, under a maintenance plan, not perform to the original manufacturers specifications, and Camnet is unable to rectify the fault, then Camnet will replace that equipment with the same or similar model containing similar features as available at that time.