Refurbishment Process

The Camnet 5 Year Performance Guarantee provides you with the peace of mind that should any refurbished machine, under a maintenance plan, not perform to the original manufacturers specifications, and Camnet is unable to rectify the fault, then Camnet will replace that equipment with the same or similar model containing similar features as available at that time.


1. Handling

All machines are handled directly by Camnet from Start to finish. Our vehicle pick up and deliver every machine from our refurbishment centre in Sydney.

2. Testing

Every machine is reviewed and put through a number of preliminary tests.

3. Component Removal

Critical components and consumables are then removed.


4. Part Replacement

Consumables and moving parts are replaced while other components are reviewed and repaired to perfect working condition.

5. Digital Component Testing

Digital components are also removed and tested.

6. Board Level Repairs

Board level repairs are completed as required to ensure operational excellence.


7. Machine Re-build

Technicians carefully re-build every machine.

8. Testing

Compliance and certification testing is applied to ensure perfect print outcomes.

9. Extensive Testing

Extensive testing ensures high quality results as supported by the 5 year performance guarantee.